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We’ve come a long way, baby!

With a combined experience of more than 100 years in electronic systems, D2A Audio was created by a group of artist-engineers with love and ear for music.

We stand for quality – the same quality that music producers wanted you to hear. This fueled the innovation behind the patented SoundEmergence® technology. Above all, we strive to make our breakthroughs available to as many music lovers as possible – all at an honest price.

…If they say that music is food for our souls, then we're here to fully nourish yours, and are glad to have you along with us on this journey of sound!

– D2A Audio team

D2A Audio LLC was officially founded by our president, Mr. Ahmad (Rick) Ashrafzadeh in May of 2017, however the work started a couple of years earlier.

Mr. Ashrafzadeh, a 30 year veteran in the field of electronics and semiconductor, started designing and playing with audio amps from his teenage years. In fact, it was his passion for sound and audio amplifiers that led him to follow his dream to become an engineer. His interest in analog and power electronics set the path in his career. Started as a design engineer, he very quickly proved to have an innovative mind with deep understanding of the electronics space as a whole, with depth and breadth that has been truly unique.

Through years of holding product line ownership and being in charge of product and business development, Mr. Ashrafzadeh gained special insight and understanding of market shortcomings, and what customers would love to have, if they knew what was possible. Mr. Ashrafzadeh held multiple managerial and executive roles, before staring D2A Audio.

D2A Audio (aka Designed 2 Amaze) was not an accident. As a musician hobbyist and an engineer, Mr. Ashrafzadeh has always kept close to the world of audio trends and technology. The thing that got him thinking about starting D2A, was the observation of how people transformed from longing for great audio sound and pushing for better performances to settling for small boxes that kind of reproduced the music, but far from what the recorded sound offered.

“Listening to music is not all that different from watching a rose; we don’t just see the rose as a stem with something red at the tip, we see all the details that make the rose what it is, so listening to any type of music, we should also hear all the details”, he thought. He understood the need and the love for portability, so he started playing with ideas on how to keep portability, without giving up quality.

The work started with prototyping what became “SoundEmergence®” invention, which finally received the US patent in January 2019, and awaiting international approval as well. This was a breakthrough in portable audio, one that allowed packing a huge, clear and pleasant sound into a small box that so uniformly fills the room. Having this technology in the bag, the path was very clear. It wasn’t long after that Radiance-1™ was born. Having received unanimous approval and interest from various audiences, it was clear Radience-1™ was going to be a winner.