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Radiance-1™ - The most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker...Ever!

Radiance-1™ - The most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker...Ever!

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A New Kind of Portable Speaker

If you have experienced the traditional large stereo sound systems, you know what they do: pop your eardrums when close to the speakers, and much lower volume when far away.

Radiance-1™ brings you this unprecedented uniformity and clarity for the first time. Imagine everyone at the party enjoying the music at a similar volume, no matter where in the room.

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  • Patented Technology 
  • SoundEmergence® Technology - 360 Degree Sound Radius
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Fill the Room & Still Have a Conversation.

With our SoundEmergence® technology, you can fill the room with incredible sound and still be able to have a conversation when close to the Radiance-1 speaker. It is the way the sound waves are produced that allow for this amazing benefit. You can learn more below.


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Charges phones


New 360 Degree Sound Radius.
Introducing SoundEmergence® Technology.

Our patented2 SoundEmergence® technology radiates 360º sound with astonishing level of volume and uniformity – anywhere in the room!

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Designed and assembled in
Silicon Valley, California.

EQ/Bass control

4 EQ settings, and Bass control – optimize for your ears!

Intelligent Anti-Clip

No audio amp should ever clip and we don't.

Carbon fiber speakers

Incredible bass, everlasting.

Quality materials

Carbon fiber, stainless steel, real leather and bamboo.

Smart Thermal Management

Radiance-1 will assure safe operation under all conditions.

Touch screen

Simplicity, elegance, and no push buttons to break.

A Match Made in Heaven!

Connect Radiance-1 to your Amazon Alexa and be amazed by how your music takes on a new dimension.

Radiance-1™, at-a-glance

Connectivity Bluetooth + 3.5mm Stereo input jack
Dimensions 6.75×6.75×13.5 Inches
Materials Bamboo enclosure, real leather handle, stainless steel hardware
Output Power 450W Undistorted Peak
Power Source 5V @ 0.5A Max.
Universal Power Adapter 100V-240V 50/60Hz, 1A output 26.5V
Battery ~2h 30min to full charge from empty
Run time 12h @ loud music (loud enough to fill a 1000ft room), 24h @ 30% Volume (all music depended)
Touch display LED backlight, ON/OFF, skip, previous, 4 EQ settings, Bass/Volume control
Weight 11.2 Lbs

“This is beyond belief! I never knew such small unit could pack such a big sound. Highly recommended.”

Jenny C, San Francisco

5 out of 5 stars

“I was sold before turning the unit on, but after listening to my favorite Vivaldi’s Four Season entire album, I was floating!”

Adam T, New York

5 out of 5 stars

“I listen to a variety of music types, and the EQ and bass control, really help me optimize. Love the touch display!”

Victoria A, Los Angeles

5 out of 5 stars

“It had a been a while since I had such a sound in my house. I'm glad I made this purchase.”

Nick B, Portland

5 out of 5 stars